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Cross Platform Marketing Solutions
Cross Platform Marketing refers to the complementary use of new media channels such as mobile, internet and audio devices to spread your marketing message, gaining further reach in your market through channels that are fast becoming more important to various market segments. Cross Platform marketing cuts the clutter for consumers and helps organizations connect with consumers.

Use Zodal’s experience in development, deployment and design across devices to create high impact marketing campaigns. The right mix of digital marketing is important for most brands to succeed in today’s market.

Zodal can work with your traditional media marketing company to achieve optimum integration for a more complete and successful overall campaign.

Use Zodal to your advantage to benefit from:
  • Honest market feedback by contacting clients by way of their preferred medium (i.e mobile phones or the internet)
  • Building a community around your brand to do your selling for you
  • Increasing your market reach through the use of complementary digital platforms, such as mobile, handheld devices and the internet
  • Engaging prospects with your brand through interactive marketing
  • Generating qualified leads through integrated digital marketing
  • Production of SMS campaigns

Cross Platform Marketing Solutions make use of:
  1. User generated Marketing, or marketing created generally online by your consumers through blogs, moblogs, photosharing and forums

  2. Community Games, created on the mobile, internet or both to reflect your brand. User generated content such as reviews, game scores and ratings are incorporated for maximum effect of the campaign

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